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Zone Administrator. - Replace PDF's with updated address information

Zone Administrator - Job description. (summary)

To organize the sales (0-40) National Advertisement Blocks, and zero to five (0-5) Global Advertisement Blocks as well as a number of Local Advertisement Blocks limited only by the number of entities willing to purchase a local block within an assigned geographic area.

Number of local advertisement blocks available is dependent upon the unsold advertisement blocks available within the web and program space administered by The Global Ability Initiative.

The task includes recruiting City/County Administrators (CA's) and handling all normal contact to/from the Project Manager/The Global Ability Initiative and fund raisers, specified as CA's and Advertisement Brokers (AB's) within the ZA's assigned geographic area, as well as keeping track of CA and AB activities within the previously mentioned area. The task might also involve helping the CA to recruit AB's.

ZA's may after they have received written permission in the form of an additional cooperation agreement participate in fund raising for The Global Ability Initiative as regular CA's or even AB's alongside their duties as ZA's.

Payment for any of the above mentioned positions is based on results alone!!!

Click here to see, or right click to download contract proposal.

Click here to see, or right click to download the additional cooperation contract proposal.

Positions currently open in:

England/USA - The Faroe Islands - Denmark - Germany - Holland - Italy - France - Iceland - Sweden - Brazil/Portugal

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