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 +====== Summary of meeting march 16 - 2005. ======
 +a) Approval of last weeks writeup - each participant gives his / her say and is allowed to comment if he / she feels there are misenterpretations or other discreppancies in the writeup, or if something is amiss.
 +b) Follow Up - We look at the assignments undertaken at the last meeting. Have goals been met? If not then why. Goals not met are moved to e) on the assignment list for the upcoming week.
 +c) Agenda - The agenda consists of points that participants want to discuss and have an opinion about which can be expressed in the collaboration wiki and discussed there so that the actual processing of the particular subject goes as smoothly as possible during the meeting itself.
 +Roadmap for each program.
 +Simplify Download process - Ein applet sum stykkjir saman frá lidnar funktiónir og setur tær saman til tad lidna programmid. Sum eisini kann dwl ein template brúksfunktióninar (library funktióninar) entry er tómur = main - prolog er bara deklaratión av universel rutinunar sum í PDS - + evt. tann funktiónin/programpetti man arbeidir uppá.
 +Vigtigt at vit gera eitt yvurornad roadmap fyri projektid. Ger eitt pkt í Wiki sum eitur roadmaps og undir hetta er main og harundir eru program development - sponsoratir etc.
 +Droppa win men ádren
 +sortera fílar - hvat skal vid install
 +gera ein installer 95/98 og ein sum virkar fyri XP. ella allir í einum
 +linux alternate virkar - tad er input funktion
 +ljód - kunna kalla samples
 +bestemma seg til window typur
 +so er little t virkandi program
 +Gera linkar til Libedit og tilsvarandi ikki aktiv projekt inaktivar soleidis at globability.org sær meiri heilstoypt út.
 +Ta tad er gjørt skal ein CVS erstatning gerast (the applet above)
 +So fer porting av T-Board til Linux í gongd
 +d) Miscellaneous - When we have reached a consensus on points a to c we proceed to discussing miscellaneous matters. Anything project related goes here and matters need no be posted beforehand.
 +e) Assignments - This is a list of assignments for each team member. The assignments are handed out during the discussion of points a - d and once they are written up, each team member verifies the assignments he / she has received.
 +f) Should the next meeting follow the standard structure or do we need to impose an alternative meeting structure.
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