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Summary of meeting february 9 - 2005.

* WRITEUP BEGINS HERE * The first point on the agenda was the approval but there was no writeup to be approved.

Seemed there was a lag in completing certain assignments - The site upgrade still in progress.

The site for the autoit library used for our application has been found it is http://www.hiddensoft.com/AutoIt/ - The new development site for AutoIt is however http://www.autoitscript.com.

Matters discussed were what functions have been used and the need to catalogue these. Other matters discussed was wheter anything was needed in order to recreate these in Linux and if any SourceForge projects were currently on the case.

As for the XP problems running our software we discussed having someone looking at the install/running process.

Sitewise an idea to put 404 pages related to material not yet in place on the site was put forward.

The concensus was that this was a good idea and could be used to show visitors how they can help or the reason why a particular piece of information is missing.

The Source Archives were discussed as was a collaborative todo list.

The todo Wiki is reported done.

Discussions were made to implement sub sections on the Todo to allow for AutoIt T-Board the Virtual Keyboard” - “Little-T” - ”!LibEdit” - !ToDo's

As interest has been shown to user test Little-T in Faroese the need to find a sponsor for a microphone and the recording of the appropriate words has arisen.

It was also suggested that team members took time to contemplate where we are headed and how we structure our work even better in the future.


a) Approval of last weeks writeup - each participant gives his / her say and is allowed to comment if he / she feels there are misenterpretations or other discreppancies in the writeup, or if something is amiss. Last week approved b) Follow Up - We look at the assignments undertaken at the last meeting. Have goals been met? If not then why. Goals not met are moved to e) on the assignment list for the upcoming week.

videncenter 4 hjerneskade - EINAR Einar Wiki Writeup - 5/1 meeting: 12/1 meeting: !Site - Einar

Zip file test Bjarne

Make wiki ready for use - security upgrades and Writeup BJARNE = security

Investigating setting secondary wiki up on site. (concerning problem that several users must have admin psw too make new pages) - Bjarne

SOMEONE IDENTIFY → done The !AutoIt library http://www.hiddensoft.com/AutoIt/ PAKAGES FOR SITE - needed List of functions that need to cloned needed Nakad annad sum skal brúkast fyri at gera hetta? Evt. sourceforge check og annad check fyri at vita um hetta er arb sum er í gongd.

Til karm. Royn til stuttl at kopiera Little-T á CD og koyra tad XP er ikki kompatibult - ANDY HYGGUR UPPÁ TAD

did you visit musimi forum for !VoIP?? info?

gera eitt dokument vid yvirlit task that need sponsoring before they can be put online (further explanation in meeting) - 404 sída til hvørt ting sum ikki liggur á - hetta kanst ú avhjálpa vid at vol tíd ella pengar. COMPLETED

c) Agenda - The agenda consists of points that participants want to discuss and have an opinion about which can be expressed in the collaboration wiki and discussed there so that the actual processing of the particular subject goes as smoothly as possible during the meeting itself.

SOURCE ARCHIVE: Needed for site “T-Board the Virtual Keyboard” - “Little-T” - ”!LibEdit”

The todo Wiki - DONE

Todo fyri AutoIt?

Todo listi fyri programs: T-Board the Virtual Keyboard” - “Little-T” - “LibEdit?” - hvat skal gerast fyri hvørt einkult program.

d) Miscellaneous

10 ord fo - finna sponsor til mike

e) Assignments - This is a list of assignments for each team member. The assignments are handed out during the discussion of points a - d and once they are written up, each team member verifies the assignments he / she has received.

uppfylgjing stensager skolen uppfylgj el og tele Royna at hugsa um hvar vit eru á veg henn - hvussu strukturera vit vídari arb. f) Should the next meeting follow the standard structure or do we need to impose an alternative meeting structure.

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