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====== Patrons ====== This page contains the names of the people, companies and organizations considered friends and or patrons of The Global Ability Initiative. These have all in different ways, by deeds or donations have helped us along to where we are now - The list is in no particular order and is not complete, if your name doesn't appear on it and you have done your bit do let us know and we'll rectify the situation asap. ===== Latest corporate sponsor. ===== The latest corporate sponsor for The Global Ability Initiative is Litaval P/F - [[financial_patronage_purchase|Become a Local or National Patron]] or [[financial_patronage_purchase|Become a Global Corporate Patron]] Litaval P/F has stores located on every main island of the Faroe Islands. Vøruhúsið á Hjalla are a wholesale outfit as well as a retail outlet when it comes to a wide range of products. Their line goes all the way from furniture, floors, paint, hardware, fireworks, computers, computer accessories, carpets and wallpaper to artist supplies. Outlets can be found in the following locations: Málingahandilin, Tórshavn við Landavegin - Tel: 31 38 25 Vøruhúsið í Runavík - Saltangará - Tel: 44 82 80 - 44 71 03 Jómar P/F, Norðskáli - Tel: 42 22 70 - 42 23 97 Húsbáni, Tvøroyri - Tel: 37 18 55 - 37 20 13 Krossjørð sP/F, Vágur - Tel: 37 36 14 Litaval í Klaksvík, Klaksvíksvegur - Tel: 45 50 89 Handilsvirkið Niclasen sP/F, Sørvágur - Tel: 33 20 01 - 33 20 50 Vestmanna Skipasmiðja, Vestmanna - Tel: 42 40 10 Sandur Danielsen, Strendur - Tel: 44 74 37 Rólant Vidtfeldt, Sandur - Tel: 36 16 10 ===== Other friends of The Global Ability Initiative ===== Many people, organizations, businesses and entities have supported our efforts over the years. You have our undying gratitude. You can also become a friend today by [[support_us|supporting]] the Global Ability Initiative. El & Tele - FO, Johnsen Group International - DK, Dimmalætting - FO, [[patronpage0001|Cad-support]] - DK, Århus Bogcafé. T.Sjögren - S, H_TeXMeX_H - N/A, J. Holm - DK, J.B. Sørensen - DK, P.K. Nawarecki - DK, J.K. Nielsen - DK D.L. Andreasen - FO, E. Petersen - DK, B. Petersen - FO, S. Børresen - DK K.M. Jakobsen - DK, H. Simonsen - FO, L. Lobo - BR, M. Petersen - FO, S. Kampmann - DK, S. Debess - DK, W.T. Pagan - PH, A. Rasmussen - DK, A. McDonald - DK, E. Jakobsen - FO, J. Eikholm - DK, Hallur Simonsen - DK, H. Midjord - DK, A.Wang - DK, R.Jákupsstovu - FO, F. Zajdsznajde - BR, T. Johnsen - DK, Keld Kristiansen - DK, C. LePorte - US, K. Hokkanen - US, R.V. Blaabjerg - DK, S.P. Christensen - DK, Þ.J. Kjartansson - IS, A. K. Eiriksdottir - IS, L.Nilsson - DK, K. Kristensen - DK. BR - Brazil, CZ - Czech Republic, DK - Denmark, FO - Faroe Islands, IS - Iceland, PH - Philippines, S - Sweden, US - United States of America. Thank you all for your generous support! Your name missing ? Get in touch and we'll fix it right away! [[financial patronage form|Become a financial patron]] or [[support us|support]] us in another way to become a friend of The Global Ability Initiative.

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The Global Ability Initiative is a Non Profit venture dedicated to the development of gratis, open source software for the disabled, the sick and the needy - We aim to provide assistive software to a wide variety of people, suffering for example from Aphasia, MS, ALS, Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities as well as pushing initiatives in the field of ECG monitoring.

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