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Brain interface.

We need to investigate the following further: Dr Paul Gnanayutham from the University of Portsmouth, picks up a patient’s “bio-potential” signals, such as brain waves and eye movements, through an Alice-band fitted with electronic probes.

The author of the above 3 lines - click on link http://forms.theregister.co.uk/mail_author/?story_url=/2008/11/06/brainwave_tech_debuts/

Dr. Paul Gnanayutham - http://www.port.ac.uk/departments/academic/comp/staff/staffphoto,12938,en.jpg

Senior Lecturer

School of Computing

Buckingham Building, Lion Terrace, Portsmouth PO1 3HE



Research needed for man machine interface optimization ALS

Research needed for man machine interface optimization ALS
Could someone please provide us with a simple walkthrough of ALS/Lou Gehrigs 
disease, from onset to fatality.
List which motor functions go first to last?
How does the decline affect mental capability?

This is a somwhat obsolete TODO as we have learned that the condition does not as such affect mental capabilities, the only interesting aspect would be in creating /researching appropriate input interfaces for the different phases, ending up with for instance a brain cap as the primary interface.

Hand interface.

It is our hope to utilize a standard VR glove or similar input device to input sign language which can then be transformed to images or sentences, thus increasing the useage potential of our applications.

A very interesting project is The Cemetech Bluetooth Dataglove (Clove 2) by Kerm Martian which can be found at http://www.cemetech.net/projects/item.php?id=16 - According to the site total cost of construction is roughly USD$60 This includes glove, bluetooth module, and charger.

Integrating an input layer between the glove and our applications would enable deaf to speak with the hearing for a nominal one time fee and the hearing and others to help for instance those without language to quickly establish a language based on signs - images and sound output.

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