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Dokuwiki plugins - evaluate the plugins below.

Must Have

google_adsense Google Adsense for DokuWiki Allows you to include Google Adsense advertisings into your wiki template. Based on the Google Analytics plugin.

google_adsense2 Google Adsense 2 for DokuWiki Allows you to include Google Adsense advertisings into your wiki template and into wiki pages. Based on the code from Bernd Zeimetz.

Installed bureaucracy (In operation)

bureaucracy	Bureaucracy Plugin
Easily create HTML forms and collect the data via email or use it to create pages.

Installed recaptcha

recaptcha	recaptcha plugin
Uses reCAPTCHA (http://recaptcha.net) for the registration form - THIS IS THE ONE WE WANT TO USE

Installed fontcolor, fontfamily, fontsize2,

fontcolor plugin
text in various colors

fontfamily plugin
With fontfamily you can control the typeface of your text

fontsize2 plugin
With fontsize2 you can control the size of your text

captcha CAPTCHA plugin Use an image verification (CAPTCHA) to defeat spambots

odt Open Office Export Exports a page to the Open Document format used by Open Office and other word processors

pdfdownload Download as PDF extracting the content of a page as PDF

backuptool BackupTool for DokuWiki Backup your site and configuration data to a file.

colorpicker colorpicker plugin Define color schemes and insert them via the toolbar.

The following functionality is also needed.

cacherevisionseraser Cache and Revisions Eraser Erase entire cache and/or old wiki revisions

clearhistory History Cleanup Plugin Removes subsequent edits by the same user from old revisions and history entries

referrers Referrers for DokuWiki This plugin logs referrers for your site, so you can see where your traffic comes from.

folded Folded Plugin Foldable page sections

freemind Freemind Extension for Command Plugin Display Freemind Mindmaps in your wiki.


anormal_tracker Anormal Tracker Plugin Plugin to count visitors for external URLs and downloadable stuff via anormal-tracker.de

givemeyouremail givemeyouremail plugin Allow you to insert a form to give your visitors the ability to give you their email address (for a visitors' mailing list for example)

autolink2 autolink2 Plugin Register anchors to a page to be (semi)automatically linked from other pages

aclmadeeasy ACL Made Easy plugin this plugin provides a modal pop-up window to allow user set simple permission for the current page.


dlcounter Download Counter plugin Counts downloads of your files

dlcount dlcount plugin Adds download counter to download links

fields fields plugin Allows storage and retrieval of user-defined fields throughout the page


columns Columns Plugin Arrange information in multiple columns.

goto GOTO Plugin Easily have a page redirect to another page in the wiki.

loglog Login/Logoff logging plugin Logs all login and logout actions with time, IP and username

multilingual Multilingual Plugin Collects mechanisms that converts DokuWiki into a multilingual wiki.

orphanswanted OrphansWanted Plugin Find Orphan pages, Wanted pages with reference counts. Also shows reference counts for linked pages

poll Poll Plugin Lets you add polls to a wiki page. (previous authors: Esther Brunner)

popularity Popularity Feedback Plugin Send anonymous data about your wiki to the DokuWiki developers. (bundled with DokuWiki)

screenplay Screenplay Plugin Allows proper formatting of screen and teleplays

Interesting idea - Let members work on the wiki and then export as static HTML when updates are approved

siteexport Site Export plugin Export your site or a namespace to standalone HTML pages - including images and media

socialmark SocialMark Add link to “social bookmark” a page

stars stars plugin Show stars for ratings/difficulty/etc

userhistory User History Plugin Displays all changes done by selected user

wysiwyg_nicedit WYSIWYG nicedit plugin WYSIWYG-type editor adaptation for DokuWiki

wysiwyg WYSIWYG Plugin A WYSIWYG editor

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