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 +====== Roadmap to freedom ;o) - Review and move roadmaps to proper development pages ======
 +An idea would be to generate a map like the one below from all the TODO lists from the different parts of the project.
 +Web -> Finish current design process
 +    -> Add features
 +Software -> T-Board the Virtual Keyboard
 +-> Curent stage of development
 +-> Conversion of current code
 +-> Adding features to converted code ->
 +-> Sound (speech capabilities) -> Playback of samples
 +Future features - portable to other programs
 +-> Visual -> Cleanup of current display routines
 +-> Adding new graphic formats
 +-> Adding video playback formats
 +Input devices: - Portable to other programs
 +USB support
 +Firewire support
 +-> Little-T
 +-> Possibility to select preferred language - i.e. making it possible to install multiple dictionaries in same directory. Thus we should also change the names of dictionary files to a unique filename for each language so we don't overwrite peoples dictionaries in case they have edited their files.
 +-> !LibEdit
 +-> Translation Interface
 +-> Div. training tools -> Get Scanner -> Scan plans -> Write descriptions -> Post on web -> Advertise for programmers
 +-> Sponsorship -> Find sales administrators/salespeople -> Start selling
 +-> Donations -> Create information pamphlets -> Spread pamphlets -> Collect
 +-> Donations -> Create web information campaign -> Start Campaign -> Collect
 +-> Subproducts -> Project related products -> Little-T add on packs -> Ornithological material -> Flowers -> Guitar chords
 +-> Own unrelated products for sale on One4Charity.Com and via other avenues.
 +-> Walter Kraft and the Alien Menace -> Paper back copy -> Merchandise
 +-> Silk neckties - unique handpainted, Margretha Petersen
 +-> Clay figurines Heidi Marie Jepsen
 +-> Paintings Jógvan Biskupstø
 +-> Figurines Astrid Maria McDonald
 +-> Baby clothes and Calvin Klein undies
 +-> Provide -> Stuff for sale via One4Charity.Com
 +-> Other income -> konceptir -> 12 Mánadir - 12 Listafolk -> Do followup -> Analyse results -> Press on -> Create Auction Page -> Instigate PR -> Start auctions.
 +-> Globability.Org Merchandise
 +-> Other concepts...
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