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 +====== Discussion regarding Lauritz.com ======
 +===== Lauritz.com and charity =====
 +Lauritz.com is strongly involved in charity. We cooperate, for example, with Doctors Without Borders, AIDS Fondet (The AIDS Fund), Red Cross, the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Society, Unicef, the Danish Refugee Council, DanChurchAid, Amnesty International, WHO and many others.
 +We organise auctions for art, design or events, and the items are donated by well-known public figures. A charity auction is typically initiated by the charity organisation. The organisation and Lauritz.com contact artists and producers for donations. An artist may sometimes donate an existing work or sometimes create a work dedicated to the occasion's theme. A sport star may donate an item of known memorabilia. Alternatively, an event can be auctioned, such as dinner cooked by a star chef, a concert with a famous musician or a seminar with a current minister. Lauritz.com always donates both the buyer's premium and the seller's commission. Every year, over EUR 270,000 is collected for charity and the last 4 years, Lauritz.com has collected over EUR 1.3 million, of which over EUR 320,000 were commissions.
 +Lauritz.com cooperates with many humanitarian organisations:
 +AIDS Fondet (The AIDS Fund) - Amnesty International - Art against stigma - Børnecancerfonden (Children's Cancer Fund) - Børnefonden (The Children's Fund) - Børnehjælpsdagen (Children’s Help Day) - Børns vilkår (Children’s Welfare) - Danmarks Indsamlingen (Danish National Charity Appeal) - Danish Refugee Council - Danish Centre for Translational Breast Cancer Research - DanChurchAid - Foreningen for senhjerneskadede børn (Society for Children with Brain Damage) - Salvation Army - Golf Aid - Hjertebørnene på Rigshospitalet (Children with Heart Disease at Rigshospitalet) - The Danish Cancer Society - Landsforeningen Hjælp til Voldsofre (Danish National Society for Helping Victims of Violence) - Doctors Without Borders - Save the Children - Rigshospitalet's Children’s Program - Danish Red Cross - the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Society - SOS Children's Villages - STOP aids - Unicef - United Hearts Fonden - WHO - World Diabetes Foundation
 +For more information, please contact Lauritz.com's project coordinator Sidsel Nybo Andersen at (+45) 44509862, sidsel@lauritz.com 
 +===== How can we enlist Lauritz.com =====
 +===== Who will lead the effort =====
 +===== Timeline =====
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