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Interfacing - Interoperability

Developers Needed.

Man machine interfacing.

The following page links to a series of links to pages describing different man machine interfaces. Man machine interfaces.

Sound playback.

For the Java experiments We have chosen to go with SoX as the playback mechanism. - With HTML software we are using the built in HTML5 functionality - See soundsprite development under mobile pointing tablet development. (ADD LINK)

Why SoX?

The answer is actually versatility, first of all using Sox gives us and our users a powerful tool in their hand, SoX is as they say on the homepage, “SoX is meant to be the Swiss Army Knife of sound processing utils. It can convert audio files to other popular audio file types and also apply sound effects and filters during the conversion.”

We believe that by using an external tool like SoX we get access prime sound processing software and we become less dependent upon specific programming language implementations of sound, as long as your favourite development tool can shell out, you can play back sounds easily and thus be part of The Global Ability Initiative even if you don't use the programming languages used for current projects.

Download SoX from sourceforge.net

How to use SoX, a couple of examples to get you going.

Playback a sound, enter the following in a shell environment - Linux example:

play /home/ep/data/globability/xtrajava_n_more/soundbites_dk/1P368.wav


Always remember to initialize SoX (type sox in your shell environment)

Converting files (using linux), enter the following to a script:

 for i in $(ls *.wav | sed -e s/\.wav$//); do sox $i.wav $i.mp3; done 

Run your script.

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