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Multilingual GUI interface dictionary development.

Developers Needed.

Developing programs to be used in a multilingual environment, changing the interface text must be easy. The idea for an easy translateable GUI structure is born out of GUI programming frustration and our multilingual background. I remember how a certain OS manufacturer promised they'd assign a couple of guys to change a couple of keys on the Keyboard, and I literally mean a couple, the characters were already in the codepages but it took years before any change was made. Program localization is still at snails pace in out opinion hence it is nesceseary to press on to create a universal GUI interface dictionary standard to enable programmers to program and translators to translate.

The dictionary should be abstract, sure it can contain button texts, tool tips, as well as help files etc. in order to make translation to new languages easy as well as implementing easy switching between languages.

However the structure must involve a process where this can be accomplished without having to retype texts in the code itself.

We believe that if this project is implemented in the proper way we can help make program translation a breeze and speed up program development time since the programmers can concentrate on what they do well as can the translators, and they will even be able to see their results more or less instantaniously without having to bother the programmers.

Multilingual GUI dictionary database file structure. - An area describing the database structure.

Description of the GUI dictionary model

SQL Syntax - The SQL sentences needed for entering words etc. into the Multilingual GUI dictionary database.

Timeline - for developing the Multilingual dictionary database structure.

Suggestion area. - Got suggestions and refinements not yet in the definition area?

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