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Promotion main page.

Any project needs promotion we already have some suggestions on the site as to how anyone can participate in promoting our ideals and existance. However this alone is not enough so a strategy must be made for further promotion.

There are probably many venues to follow let us try to list as many as possible and divide them into proper categories.

Traditional printed media

Traditional media - Printed publications, create a list of publications and available reporters if any in particular

Dimmalætting - Newspaper - Published in The Faroe Islands - Availabe reporters:

Socialurin - Newspaper - Published in The Faroe Islands - Availabe reporters:

Traditional audio media

Traditional television media

Web media

Web media - Web zines, blogs, twitter - facebook and similar social networking, video, audio.

For the web media we need to create a list of media outlets we find interesting, identify potential reporters/bloggers etc.

We also need to identify video and audio outlets and explore strategies for how we can promote what we are doing and doing it in a viral self propagating manner as to cut down on the man hours needed on the part of the volunteers.

Our homepage - Charisma/Karma points

Saw an interesting lecture on how gameplay mentality is pervasive and seeping into everyday activity.

Would it be possible for an initiative like The Global Ability Initiative to build on this?

How could we award points to the developers, recruiters etc. lets call them betterbits or something - Derived from our slogan “A better world bit by bit”.

Each activity you perform that is beneficial to The Global Ability Initiative can earn you betterbits. This can potentially turn doing good into a competition and help the initiative to get rolling.

Thanks to Carnegie Mellon professor and ex-imagineer Jesse Schell for the lecture given at DICE 2010 - http://g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/702668/DICE-2010-Video-Design-Outside-The-Box.html

How do our members feel about this idea.


I have noticed that on/in wikipedia there is no category for assistive software - We should create this category and place our software there as soon as it is ready - We should consider throwing in other initiatives as well so that some editor does not sees red and regards it as “blatant” advertising.

Our project which can benefit millions is too important to be put under the radar by some petty person with too much time on their hands.

For this initiative to succeed we need to find a few other initatives and post em at the same time.


PR web

Put a link on netdoktor.dk, as soon as we have the Java version ready.



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The Global Ability Initiative is a Non Profit venture dedicated to the development of gratis, open source software for the disabled, the sick and the needy - We aim to provide assistive software to a wide variety of people, suffering for example from Aphasia, MS, ALS, Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities as well as pushing initiatives in the field of ECG monitoring.

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