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 +====== Our face on the web. ======
 +This page is intended to link to discussions and historic facts relating to our homepage design.
 +[[homepage change initiatives|Current, past and future]] - Planned homepage change initiatives.
 +[[suggestions for new homepage initiatives|Suggestions]] for new homepage initiatives.
 +[[creating polls|Creating polls]] - This page explains how to create polls which can be used to gauge opinions from users and developers.
 +[[Legacy1 to be checked from old wiki|Legacypage1]] to be checked from old wiki if relevant moved to homepage change initiatives. Can be deleted
 +[[oldwikirules|Qwikiwiki syntax rules]] - May be useful in deciphering the texts from the old wiki.
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The Global Ability Initiative is a Non Profit venture dedicated to the development of gratis, open source software for the disabled, the sick and the needy - We aim to provide assistive software to a wide variety of people, suffering for example from Aphasia, MS, ALS, Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities as well as pushing initiatives in the field of ECG monitoring.

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