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 +====== Addresses to migrate ======
 +The following addresses belonging to The Global Ability Initiative are candidates to be migrated.
 +The selection process for migration must be, importance/relevance. Accounts that have not received mail and are not critical to The Global Ability initiative are expendeable i.e. do not need to be migrated.
 +In status there can be the following markers TBA, MG, DEL, NAC, TBA = Thunderbirb account created, MG=Mail migrated to temp storeage, DEL=Old account deleted, NAC=New Account created. Thunderbird is not an option as they are not POP addresses, changing the settings to POP would cause all mail to be lost, mails must be manually migrated by opening the mail in the webmail interface, selecting View Message details, then save and the mail can after that be put into an archiving directory.
 +New accounts should be set up as POP3 from the beginning.
 +|Mail address|Size|Importance|Status (empty means unhandled)|
 +|accounting01@globability.org|0.19 MB of 5 MB|Must be migrated|MG - DEL - NAC|
 +|b_petersen@globability.org|0.02 MB of 20 MB|Should be migrated|MG - DEL - NAC|
 +|d_andreasen@globability.org|0.02 MB of 5 MB|Could be migrated if needed, check with musimi and possibly disband| |
 +|danmarksavis@globability.org|0.00 MB of 5 MB|Should be migrated|MG - NAC - DEL|
 +|e_mingler@globability.org|0.04 MB of 6 MB|Must be migrated and mingler account possibly abandoned in favor of a new globability profile|NAC |
 +|e_petersen@globability.org|25.58 MB of 30 MB|Must be migrated|NAC |
 +|ebaysales@globability.org|0.02 MB of 5 MB|Should be migrated ?|NAC |
 +|facebook20071710@globability.org|0.16 MB of 5 MB|Must be migrated|NAC |
 +|finnaircompetition20082008@globability.org|0.00 MB of 1 MB|Is there any need to migrate - NO!|DEL|
 +|intrumjustitia@globability.org|0.00 MB of 5 MB|Is there any need to migrate - NO|DEL|
 +|jformdesigner@globability.org|0.00 MB of 2 MB|Is there any need to migrate - not really|DEL|
 +|kanikkebesvares@globability.org|0.00 MB of 1 MB|Is there a need to migrate ? NOPE |DEL|
 +|karinjakobsen@globability.org|3.76 MB of 20 MB|Should possibly be migrated|MG, DEL|
 +|mcom@globability.org|9.65 MB of 20 MB|Suspect this one could be deleted permanently|MG, DEL|
 +|nico@globability.org|0.15 MB of 5 MB|Could be migrated if needed, check with musimi and possibly disband| |
 +|postmaster@globability.org|10 MB|Is mandatory| |
 +|qwikiwiki@globability.org|0.00 MB of 1 MB|We never received any mail so we could as such disband|DEL|
 +|qxlsales@globability.org|0.67 MB of 5 MB|Must be migrated|NAC |
 +|steornnews@globability.org|0.00 MB of 1 MB|Nothing ever received, probably a hoax|DEL|
 +|throwaway30012005@globability.org|0.39 MB of 5 MB|Must be migrated unless linkedIn can be changed in time to another address|NAC |
 +|together_architect@globability.org|0.03 MB of 5 MB|Is there a need - No - + no new mail since 2005|DEL|
 +|tradedoubler@globability.org|0.42 MB of 5 MB|We never began using this affiliation system Abandon ?|NAC|
 +|usersformmail@globability.org|0.00 MB of 5 MB|Old mailform can be abandoned|DEL|
 +|verticainfo@globability.org|0.50 MB of 1 MB|Database info, can come in handy at some time|NAC|
 +|vispar@globability.org|0.04 MB of 1 MB|UML editor we dont really use - Abandon ? Just save inbox| |
 +|webmaster@globability.org|0.16 MB of 1 MB|Must be migrated|MG - DEL - TBA - NAC|
 +Current manager for email's of The Global Ability Initiative e_petersen@globability.org
 + - Dashboard available at https://www.google.com/a/cpanel/globability.org/Dashboard
 +To configure Thunderbird 2.0 for your Google Apps email address:
 +   1. Enable POP in your email acount. Don't forget to click Save Changes when you're done.
 +   2. Open Thunderbird.
 +   3. Click the Tools menu, and select Account Settings...
 +   4. Click the Add Account... button to launch Account Wizard.
 +   5. Select Email account and click Next.
 +   6. Fill in the necessary fields to include the following information:
 +      Your Name: Enter your name as you would like it to appear in the From: field of outgoing messages.
 +      Email Address: Enter your full email address in the format 'username@your_domain.com.'
 +   7. Select POP as the type of incoming server you're using and enter the server information as follows, then click Next 
 +(Note: enter the server names provided, don't add your domain name in this step):
 +      Incoming Server: pop.gmail.com
 +      Outgoing Server: smtp.gmail.com
 +   8. Enter your full email address in the format 'username@your_domain.com' in both the Incoming User Name: 
 +and Outgoing User Name: fields, then click Next.
 +   9. Name your account in the Account Name: field, if desired. Click Next, then click Finish.
 +  10. On the Server Settings tab in the Account Settings window, do the following:
 +          * Change the Port: to '995'
 +          * Under User secure connection:, select SSL
 +          * Verify that the box next to Leave messages on server is unchecked, then click OK.
 +      Congratulations! You're done configuring your client to send and retrieve Google Apps email messages.
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The Global Ability Initiative is a Non Profit venture dedicated to the development of gratis, open source software for the disabled, the sick and the needy - We aim to provide assistive software to a wide variety of people, suffering for example from Aphasia, MS, ALS, Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities as well as pushing initiatives in the field of ECG monitoring.

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