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 +E-Mail & site migration
 +|1|Create an [[globability email overview|overview]] of addresses that need to be migrated.|DONE|
 +|2|Assess their importance - by setting it as described in the [[globability email overview|overview]] table.|DONE |
 +|3|Migrate current mail to a temporary storage - Set up a Thunderbird and pull everything from the server| |
 +|4|Disable pulled mail accounts|DONE |
 +|--|Once this is done we are ready to migrate the DNS servers pointing to the new globability.org nameservers.|----|
 +|5|Point Verisign DNS to new nameservers.|DONE|
 +|--|Once we can see an index.html on the new globability.org|DONE|
 +|6|Create mail accounts on new server. |DONE|
 +|7|Install Dokuwiki (current version- Test new version with current plugins before operation migration is commenced.|DONE|
 +|8|Migrate Dokuwiki pages created on einarpetersen.com to their new home and add adm 1 & 2.|DONE|
 +|9|Check all download files have been placed in the correct directory and that all images have been placed correctly as well.|DONE|
 +|10|Set permissions for public pages|DONE|
 +|--|Site and E-Mail migration complete.| |
 +|--|Redirecting from our index to our site wiki|DONE|
 +Other minor fixes before migration can be set to done in the table above.
 +REF: #9 http://globability.org/wiki/doku.php?id=dictionary_not_found needs to have the chezck scans inserted
 +http://globability.org/wiki/doku.php?id=local_sponsorships - Needs to link to an orderform with review on have read terms and accept price etc.
 +http://globability.org/wiki/doku.php?id=national_sponsorships - as above
 +http://globability.org/wiki/doku.php?id=global_sponsorships - as above except they only buy an option and know that a sponsorship option is like buying an airline ticket i.e. they risk overbooking
 +http://globability.org/wiki/doku.php?id=typist - Linkt this page to dictionary not found
 + Using GMail as the SMTP relay host ¶
 +Use the following configuration snippet
 +smtp_enabled = true
 +use_tls = true
 +mime_encoding = base64
 +smtp_server = smtp.gmail.com
 +smtp_port = 587
 +smtp_user = user
 +smtp_password = password
 +where user and password match an existing GMail account, i.e. the ones you use to log in on  http://gmail.com
 +Alternatively, you can use smtp_port = 25.
 +You should not use smtp_port = 465. It will not work and your ticket submission may deadlock. Port 465 is reserved for the SMTPS protocol, which is not supported by Trac. See #7107 for detail
 +Add pictures to and rewrite "dictionary not found"
 +Add copyright notice in the bottom along with text suggested in globabilitytest
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