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Development suggestions for T-Board the Virtual Keyboard.

Independent skin interface.

Creating the environment for others to create independent skins as pr. how advanced one wants the program to operate or for personalization purposes is an atainable objective if we pursue our multilingual skin dictionary development plans. Thus further discussion of this interface can be found in this section.

Word prediction, most used words/sentences page generation:

T-Board the Virtual Keyboard is used to communicate. Certain words or sentences are more used than other, but manner of speech is not the same from person to person, thus it would be nice to create personalized most frequently used, words or sentences pages that can be activated in the interface.

The building of such data could be done in the following way at least for users of our program using Linux.

We could generate a file of spoken words -

This should be as simple as throwing the strings spoken into a file (could be acheived by shelling out and catting the specific words or sentences to a file)

Analyzing the data would be the next step.

We need to parse the file for which words that have been added - then put the unique words/sentences in a list (cat them to a file of unique words).

Then we parse the unique words file with a script similar to this for each work, we then use the unique words as a basis for parsing the data file we have created with a script something like this

grep -oi someword file | wc -l

Then we put the results in a word count file which can then be used to create most used words pages.

On the program side we need a mechanism that runs the cli script feeding words or sentences to the data file for analysis.

How to proceed with this project.

Creating a data file. Write a simple cli script which can be executed that puts an arbitrary text string into a file by padding it to the end and entering a newline after each word/sentence

Analyzing The analysis needs to be done on a large file built over time to have any proper application.

If you do not want to wait you can begin completing this development by creating a dummy data file containing a number of different sentences. You could cut a number of sentences from public domain sources under a creative commons license and use those as a basis for your dummy file that you could run through

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