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Communcation with www.aphasiker-kinder.de

To: Dipl.-Päd. Melanie Kubandt, M.A. - kubandt@aphasiker.de

I am writing to you as project manager of a FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) development project aiming to create of gratis, open source software for a wide variety of people, suffering for example from Aphasia, MS, ALS, Cerebral Palsy.

Our project is run on a volunteer basis and we are closing in on releasing a cross platform tool aimed at training word picture association abilities, thus rebuilding your vocabulary and use of speech, the software has built in user progress tracking for medical personnel and tutors alike.

Why am I contacting you?

Well as a multilingual project run on a volunteer basis you can imagine there is a lot to handle thus we must rely heavily on the good-will of participants.

And this is where you come in - We were wondering if anyone in your organization would be interested in assisting us so that an American voice dictionary could be made available to you, and all those interested once we release the upcoming version of our rehabilitation trainer.

We specifically need someone willing to handle the recording of approx 900 words that can be found in one of the standard dictionary files which can be loaded by our software.

The work can be handled on a standard computer, however if someone has access to proper recording equipment that would off course be preferable.

I would like to stress again that what we are working on is an open source release - free of charge for anyone.

Thus we are not in a position to pay anyone for the work, it must be a purely volunteer effort.

As for usage of the material we will strive to extend the use of the data generated to benefit other disability related projects being developed under The Global Ability initiative so you will not only be helping us to alleviate and enable the sufferers of aphasia but countless others as well.

We imagine an organization like yours must have contacts to a range of people who might be able and willing to participate in the development of free software for aphasia sufferers.

The people we could use to promote the production of free software for aphasia rehabilitation would be in a wide range spanning from “Recruiters” to draw participants from a broad spectre of the population into the work.

Studio Engineers/Studio Technicians/Voice Artist, as explained above.

Ordinary folks with no technical skill other than helping to promote the cause through using email signatures and the like.

People willing to go see their doctors and show them that there is available free software that they can use for their patients.

Press liasons, programming personel, photographers, just to name a few immediate volunteer positions we are looking to fill.

Please also note that the project is being migrated to new servers within a short time, with a brand new wiki structure and updated material in order to enable better collaboration between project participants.

Hopefully these measures will be speeding up development of our free software.

We hope that you will take this in good spirit and we hope to receive a positive answer to our inquiry soon. I shall be happy to furnish you with further information on the exact nature of volunteer positions and how we would expect cooperation to proceed.

Kind Regards

Einar Petersen, Project Manager - The Global Ability Initiative

I have created an international template in order to cut down on my work efforts in contacting multiple enteties in different countries as my time is limited and translating this request into native languages is an effort I can't affor time wise right now no matter how much I would like to be able to do so.

Thus I ask of you to do me the courtesy to reply in English as my German is too rusty at the moment to consider communication in that language at the moment.

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The Global Ability Initiative is a Non Profit venture dedicated to the development of gratis, open source software for the disabled, the sick and the needy - We aim to provide assistive software to a wide variety of people, suffering for example from Aphasia, MS, ALS, Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities as well as pushing initiatives in the field of ECG monitoring.

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