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Review date: January 11, 2002 Version reviewed: T-Board the Virtual Keyboard - For DOS

NOTE: the review only pertains to the version mentioned above.


T-Board is a virtual keyboard which was originally intended to aid a child with impaired motor functions and no speech. However, it has since found a much wider potential for many people who have trouble with a standard keyboard.

The program itself is a little quirky and anyone who is proficient with a regular keyboard will require some relearning to use. However, as this is not this program's target audience that shouldn't be a problem.

The program requires a dictionary file to be downloaded separately (there are 9 to choose from, including UK English, each of which is 22kB). Both the program and the dictionaries are EXE files and they will create their own directories if they are launched from the root of the drive where you want them to run (eg C:\ drive).

The program has some strange habits ' like you can only save PCX files in 256 colors ' but these are all outlined in the excellent HTML manual supplied with the program.

T-Board is a DOS program but it runs well under Windows.

If you care for someone who cannot use a keyboard because of a severe disability or if you cannot use a keyboard yourself then T-Board is a “must get”, even if just to compare to the program you are currently using. Each virtual keyboard has its own strengths and weaknesses and you really need to try as many as possible to ensure that you get the best one.

Their rating: 4 out of 5:globability.org_download_cfslisting01.jpg

You can visit CFS at their homepage to learn more about their massive freeware listings: http://www.completelyfreesoftware.com

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