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All downloads.

T-Board The Virtual keyboard

Run time files:

tbtvk.exe 930Kb - This is T-Board The Virtual keyboard, plus program files. Don't forget to download a dictionary to be able to run the program!!! - this is version XXX - Can run in DOS/Win95/98 and in Linux using a DOS emulator.

Dictionary files for T-Board The Virtual keyboard:

dict-gb.exe 22Kb English dictionary

dict-fo.exe 22Kb Faroese dictionary

dict-dk.exe 22Kb Danish dictionary

dict-de.exe 22Kb German dictionary

dict-nl.exe 22Kb Dutch dictionary

dict-it.exe 22Kb Italian dictionary

dict-fr.exe 22Kb French dictionary

dict-is.exe 22Kb Icelandic dictionary

dict-se.exe 22Kb Swedish dictionary

dict-cz.exe - Czeck dictionary

Source files:

T-Board the Virtual Keyboard - Quickbasic/PDS source - You need the following development library in order to run the program in it's PDS environment (DOS): FastGraph 4.X or better (see 3'rd party tools).


Little-T (LT) is a trainer program aimed at training word picture association abilities - built in user progress tracking for medical personnel and tutors.

The users mainly intended to be aided by LT are people with Aphasia, care personnel, relatives etc. Our programs aim toward empowering our users enabling them to join in regular activities in the community surrounding them. However LT can easily be used for vocabulary training in connection with learning new languages, as well as teaching children word skills etc. LT is an open source release - and naturally free of charge!

Run time files:

Little-T Tested on Win95/98 XP

These are the dictionaries available for Little-T.

LT10bman.pdf This is the manual for Little-T v. XXX

Source files:

Windows source code - v.1 development frozen. (find file and put in /download)


LibEdit.exe is is a raw command line tool for editing the Xrc library format which Little-T currently uses, and which T-Board the Virtual Keboard is progressing towards.

Download LibEdit.exe

Campaign graphics

hscroll.exe 473Kb - Campaign graphics. Banners for your homepage.

Extraction tools

unarj243.tar.gz is a package containing an extraction tool you can use to extract our campaign graphic on Linux and other similar systems.

All project documents

Universal Declaration of Support.

Universal Declaration of Support - English/Danish/Faroese

General Cooperation Agreement GCA.

click here to download. English only - The zipped archive contains a (swx, a pdf (Adobe) as well as a txt (ASCII) version of the document.

PDF only


LT10bman.pdf This is the manual for Little-T v. XXX

3'rd party tools


FastGraph 4.X or better - from Ted Gruber Software, Inc. Mr. Gruber and his wife have been developing a splendid set of graphic libraries since 1987 and other programming utilities have followed. A lite version of the library should be available as a free trial on their site.


Get SoX. From the developers site: SoX is a cross-platform (Windows, Linux, MacOS X, etc.) command line utility that can convert various formats of computer audio files in to other formats. It can also apply various effects to these sound files, and, as an added bonus, SoX can play and record audio files on most platforms.

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